As a Lennox Premier Dealer, Elza Heating Company provides top-of-line cooling products. Our partnership with Lennox Industries enables us to offer the complete line of Lennox air conditioning equipment to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses throughout Upper Wisconsin.

Our knowledgeable team of air conditioning specialists will help you choose the best cooling product for your home or business and ensure proper sizing to bring optimal cost savings and comfort. Please review our selection of cooling products below. Click on any model to get more information, or call 715-209-7628 for a Free Estimate.


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Air Conditioners

ESTAR ICON ENERGY STAR® Product   Energy Efficiency (SEER) Sound SEER2 Price
ESTAR ICON SL28XCV Air Conditioner   up to 28 59 $$$$
The most precise and efficient air conditioner available* 
ESTAR ICON XC21 Air Conditioner   up to 21 69 $$$
The most efficient two-stage central air conditioner you can buy* 
ESTAR ICON XC20 Air Conditioner   up to 22 65 $$$
High-efficiency air conditioner with true variable capacity 
ESTAR ICON EL18XCV Air Conditioner   up to 18 72 $$
Truly variable. Truly digital. 
EL17XC1 Air Conditioner   up to 18.6 up to 17.4 72 $$
Standard-efficiency, single-stage air conditioner 
ESTAR ICON EL16XC1 Air Conditioner   up to 17 71 $$
Standard-efficiency, single-stage air conditioner 
XC13 Air Conditioner   up to 16 74 $$
Reliable and efficient air conditioner 
ESTAR ICON ML18XC2 Air Conditioner   up to 18 up to 17.8 75 $
Mid-efficiency, two-stage air conditioner 
ESTAR ICON 16ACX Air Conditioner   up to 18 $
Affordable, efficient cooling 
ML17XC1 Air Conditioner   up to 17 up to 16.2 73 $
Standard-efficiency, single-stage air conditioner 
ESTAR ICON ML14XC1 Air Conditioner   up to 17 73 $
Efficient, durable air conditioner 
13ACX Air Conditioner   meets or exceeds 13 76 $
Affordable, efficient cooling