Repair Tips / FAQs

Furnace and Air Conditioner


Question: I smell gas?
Answer: Leave the house immediately. Don’t turn on lights. Call the utility or us from your cell or neighbor’s phone.

Question: I see flakes of rust around the furnace.
Answer: The burners should be cleaned.

Question: Why do I see a yellow flame on my furnace?
Answer: Your system needs to be cleaned and tested. The flame should be blue.

Question: My house has a dusty smell. Why?
Answer: This typically occurs after a system has been off because it’s burning accumulated dust. Change the filter. If it continues, call us.

Question: Something sounds unusual with my furnace.
Answer: If something sounds unusual, something is probably wrong. Call us.

Question: My system won’t turn on.
Answer: Make sure the thermostat is set correctly. Change batteries in the thermostat. Check circuit breaker and plugs.